Kaylee Rutland

Kaylee Rutland

Kaylee Rutland is an 18-year old contemporary country music singer/songwriter and native Texan. Her young, soulful sound and sweet, angelic disposition are well-received by audiences of all ages. Kaylee plays keyboard and guitar and has a passion for reaching others with encouraging and uplifting messages through her music and writing style.

Kaylee recorded her first EP in Nashville in September, 2012. Here’s what the producer had to say…“I have had the opportunity to work, write and produce Kaylee. Her ideas and creativity shined in our sessions, and she was always prompt with a smile. Not only did Kaylee help create, write and sing a slew of strong songs, she held her own in the room with hit writers and musicians throughout the recording process.” Megan Conner, Songwriter/Producer – Shapiro Bernstein, NYC and Nashville.

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