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Wander Marchal releases her debut single Sacred.  It’s definitely a great introduction and refreshing. The vintage soul track is not overly-produced and is laced with horns and a electric guitar. This track is all about the vocal, and it’s stellar. Marchal isn’t just revealing her singing chops but she is bearing her soul the minute the song opens.  Marchal notes, “Sacred is about lost hope in a deteriorating un-holy relationship. That moment when boundaries of trust and respect no longer exist. My ex and I devolved into an emotional free-for-all, as we began to hurt each other in ways we never expected. Through our downfall, we uncovered the ugliest parts of ourselves.” Check it out!


  • Think! Catchiness doesn’t make a song a HIT. Exposure does.
  • Think! Radio still has great distribution power, but it no longer holds a monopoly on exposure.
  • If content is king then distribution is the kingdom.
  • If one million people streamed your song, it’s a HIT - that 99% of the country never streamed.





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