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ELA Lindsey reveals her indie purism in both of her recently released debut tracks  YCLMI and Healing Me Slow. Moving from Florida to Nashville was when the singer-songwriter began rooting herself in the music scene.  With any true indie artist, both tracks are melancholic and reflective in nature.  ELA notes “I didn’t realize it at the time I wrote it, but ‘Healing Me Slow’ pretty much sums up my life”. Because I had a traumatic childhood, and I’m human, I spent many years closed off, bitter, and hurt. I had to learn to open up, pursue healing for myself, and forgive. Check out it out!


  • How a flop became a hit.
  • Big difference between an artist and a songwriter.
  • A big ego is often mistaken for, or seen as, an indication of talent.
  • Thanks to Ariana Huffington's for the Kings of A&R of interview. Here is a bit of a backstory. I recounted…





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