Scouring the net hoping to stumble upon the ‘next great artist’ is challenging. Even with global internet communities and online sharing, an incredible find seems far away.

Artists are like books whereas good books will have lasting appeal and the rest will be forgotten. That’s why I created Kings of A&R over a decade ago. It was a way to find an incredible new artist and designed to separate the wheat from the chaff. Since then, I have featured artists that went on to have great careers. Aside from topping the charts, many artists have landed all sorts of deals while singers were called to audition for the likes of The Voice, The X Factor, & American Idol. Kings of A&R has a readership of entertainment professionals.

Contact and Submission

For music submissions send an email to — BUT! Before you hit the send button, follow Kings of A&R on Twitter and Facebook,  Instagram  for the latest buzz.

The music submission should include:
….a bio
….a photo
….press: (list all the blogs that featured your track
… song placements: (ie The Hills, Game of Thrones)
… include a ‘SoundCloud streaming link’ for the track you are promoting
….venues or festivals you have performed

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