MORE Indie Invaders

Dusk and Summer
Dashboard Confessional

TW 134,174
**Wait and see………..

TW 47,922
Total 391,790
**Strong video, great live show and a solid record full of melodic hooks. This record will prove itself over the course of time.

All The Right Reason

TW 30,591
Total 3,030,057
**Obviously not one hit wonders and yes..rock is alive and well.

Liberation Transmission
Lost Prophets

TW 26,886
**Contrived, generic hooks and not believable, this band won’t take off.

Louder Now
Taking Back Sunday
TW 18,223
Total 377,331
**Warner coughed up millions for this Victory band, and they need to do Panic At! The Disco numbers.

Beautiful Lie
30 Seconds To Mars

TW 13,184
Total 206,011

**My oh my! What happened here? model actor/musician Jared Leto came back with a new single “The Kill” and made a good video which is reminiscence of Panic! At The Disco’s I Write Sins Not Tragedies and My Chemical Romance “Helena”.  Both singers coincedently wear the “white gloves” and you get to watch the goth girls dancing simultaneously. Videos like these cost about 150k to 250k. If you want your video on MTV you need to cough up the bucks, find a good director, take acting classes and don’t forget to wear the white gloves. Rock has become a black-tie-affair.

Every Man For Himself
TW 7,501
Total 126,775

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