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  • Entertainment industry mogul David Geffen made his own separate, informal, all-cash offer to buy the LA Times.
  • Universal Music Group (UMG) and US broadcaster MTV have announced a deal for the mobile platform.
  • The Firm parted ways with 30 Second to Mars.
  • Victory Record Head Tony Brummel recently filed a countersuit against Hawthorne Heights. Tony Brummel calls the band’s claims “false and wildly scurrilousâ€? and alleges they are planning a “carefully orchestrated smear campaign”.
  • Lawyer Dan Friedman acts Scenes from a Movie signed to Pure Volumes label and Blinded Black signed to Sidecho.
  • Remember platinum post grunge act from the 90’s Sponge? The two biggest singles from the album Rotting Piñata were “Plowed” and “Molly (Sixteen Candles).” The band is back and is looking for a potential partner. Sponge never had a problem in the song writing department.  The music industry typically shuns bands that had success in a particular era. Buckcherry who is selling 15k shattered that perception.  The music biz is more judgemental than the public. Let the people decide.  For more information email Dan Friedman. Check out the tracks Fame and Glory and No DOA on Sunday.
  • Ronnie Day signed to Epic and is releasing the first record on Militia Group. It was a big deal with alot of hype. 
  • A&R chatter around the band Civilian who refuses to launch a myspace page. Music is here.  Management is Russ Rieger, Legal is Chris Castle
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