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Hip Hop continues to take sharp criticism as sales continue to tank…..

According to the NY POST Snoop Dogg demands $150,000 fee to play at an event and you have to accommodate his unusual tastes and enormous entourage. Organizers of Tuesday night’s Pussycat Dolls concert at Cipriani Wall Street to benefit UNICEF, which also featured the rapper, had to fly in more than 10 members of his posse, first-class. Then, at the last minute, Snoop almost didn’t go on because, “he insisted on having an Xbox in his dressing room,” an insider said. Pussycat Dolls were paid $300,000 to perform.



Russell Simmons held a ‘closed door’ meeting with artists and executives from the Hip-Hop/urban community to discuss the future of Hip-Hop and how the genre can be moved forward in a positive direction. Sources told Attendees included Atlantic’s Craig Kallman and Julie Greenwald, Sony Urban’s Lisa Ellis, Universal Motown’s Sylvia Rhone, MTV’s Judy McGrath, etc.

And today…..

The rapper Cam’ron tells ‘60 MINUTES‘: He wouldn’t help police catch even a serial killer because it would hurt his business and code of ethics.

If Urban is tanking, then you know it’s the end of the line. Read more of KOAR’s continued coverage of this sinking ship. Country is in a bad way, too, but as of now is the last major label stronghold.

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