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The Kelly Clarkson Drama Continues….

According to FOX, Clarkson’s new album, “My December,” is causing more trouble than anyone could have guessed.

The album continues to be at the center of a TUG of WAR between Clarkson and Davis.

Clarkson wrote all those songs herself despite the labels suggestions of teaming up with professional songwriters.

According to Fox, the real friction may not be between Clarkson and Davis, but between Clarkson’s manager, Jeff Kwatinetz, of The Firm, and the label.

It was only this past weekend that RCA learned Kwatinetz is being listed by Clarkson as “executive producer” of the album. This indicates a new role for Kwatinetz, who is not the most popular member of the recording industry. Managers generally do not receive “EP” credits on albums. They are listed as managers.

Sources say Clarkson’s new album is bitter and the new songs are not as commercial friendly as her previous record Breakaway:

None of them, however, are equal to the polished, edgy pop that made Clarkson a breakthrough hit on her last album. If anything, “My December” is shaping up to be the equivalent of Lauryn Hill’s disastrous follow-up to her mega-selling “Miseducation” album.

Sources also predict sales numbers:

“The album will come in at No. 1 and could even stay there a second week,” says a source. “But then, it will be over fast.” Fan club members may add to sales with downloads, too. “But Kelly will not sell anywhere near her previous numbers.” The last album, “Breakaway,” released in late 2004, sold a whopping 5.7 million copies.

KOAR says “Whatever”…..

First of all, the Firm is a crumbling management company. Several managers left along with artists including Linkin Park, Staind, 30 Seconds to Mars, etc. By industry standards, The Firm = Ground Zero.

Also, you cannot compare Kelly Clarkson to Lauryn Hill. Lauryn Hills racist/controversial statements killed her career along with a crappy sappy record. She was a one hit wonder, nobody cares. Clarkson has a career ahead of her. She will resonate with the public.

Lastly, you cannot compare Breakaway sales figures to ‘My December’. Most likely it will sell less (Physical) CD’s being that less people are buying CD’s year after year. This is common knowledge.

Here is the deal Kelly. The press wants to take you down. The fans are interested in you, not the people around you. Play to your audience and win over every fan. This is your chance to establish a career for yourself and free yourself from the media machine.

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