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The Firm released this statement regarding the recent loss of another client Kelly Clarkson.

Kelly Clarkson is an enormously talented artist. We are pleased to have served as her managers during her well-deserved rise to stardom and are proud of the role we played in backing her creative choices.  “We believed in Kelly from the day we met her and believe in her now. We have only the best wishes and hopes for her in the future.”
Kelly is a quarterback without a coach.

We hope she doesn’t lose this game!

More Clarkson news………………

Kelly says her new record may not be for 10 Year – olds…
I know it’s not going to do what Breakaway did, ’cause it’s not as mainstream. I get that. Some of the songs are not what 10-year-olds are probably going to listen to. But we all go through situations for certain reasons, and I think we should share that. This record is more intense, it’s more raw, it’s more emotional. But it’s not that different. It’s not Metallica. Even if it does tank — who cares? It’s one album! Out of a whole career of albums I’m going to have, you’re worried about one? I’m not worried about it! And I’m obviously not going to want to put out s—. I obviously don’t want to fail. I’m not an idiot.
Like Nebraska from Bruce Springsteen — that’s one of my favorite records, and it’s not the most well-known. But it’s an artist’s record. (Full interview here)

Good Charlotte hopes to ‘Revive’ Good Morning Revival…

Good Charlotte will hop on tour with Justin Timberlake.  Good Charlotte recent release ‘Good Morning Revival’ is slow to react.


Daughtry Manager asks himself ‘Would Daughtry get a deal without American Idol’?

Manager Sterling McIlwaine of 19 entertainment doesn’t mince words when talking about the failures of record companies to find and develop talent like Daughtry’s………

‘He was just playing bars around Greensboro a year and a half ago,’ McIlwaine told Pollstar. He had no idea what the future had in store for him. I’m not sure that the business, as it is now, would have signed him had he gotten in front of A&R people before he came on the show. Thats the irony of the whole thing.’

Daughtry has sold 2.6 million records.

Lastly, KOAR will be posting ‘NEW’ music soon………………………

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