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NEW YORK TIMES May Advertising Revenue Down 8.5%, Internet Ad Sales Up

KOAR recently posted an article ‘New Music is Killing your Ears‘. Check out this YouTube video (via Coolfer) that will provide you a crystal clear example.

Check out the article in The Wall Street Journal ‘A New Spin for Corporate Music Deals’….

It seems labels are sick of spending cash launching artists and only receiving a small return on investment. Remember, labels only make money off the CD and digital downloads, a dwindling revenue stream.  Labels cry and weep when they see those successful artists BENEFIT from successful tours, merchandising
deals, clothing deals, sponsorships, Fan worship, etc.

Warner Brothers has recruited Chris Lighty the manager of 50 Cent to address this dilemma:
Their inability to capitalize on lucrative revenue streams such as merchandise sales and image licensing that typically benefit artists and their managers.

“The music industry is growing,” Warner Chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr. told an investor conference last week. “The record industry is not growing.” He went on to say that his company is trying to expand into “many, many other businesses” beyond the sale and licensing of music.

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