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Recording industry ‘threatened to interrogate 10-year-old’… (Read here)

Bon Jovi tops The Billboard 200. “Lost Highway” sold 292,000 in United States, according to Nielsen soundScan. The White Stripes debut with 223,066.

More scans this week

Amy Winehouse 62k
Linkin Park 63k
Paramore 16k
Papa Roach 12k
The Used 12k

Kelly Clarkson and Hannah Montana are expected to debut with at least 300k next week.


R&B artist Cene who hails from North Carolina is creating a buzz among some label heads. Cene’s new disc was produced by Roy Hamilton and wrote #1’s for R Kelly and Britney Spears. Her first track My Bumper was just added to WXBT-Columbia, SC WHXT-Columbia, Charlotte NC WPEG, Jacksonville NC WIKS,
Richmond VA WRVZ and SC WQHH-Lansing. Check out the video My Bumper which garnered 55,000 views within weeks. Myspace plays are averaging 10-15k plays a day propelling her to the top of the myspace charts. Cene is being repped by Jason Davis at Fahrenheit Media Group.


Playboy launches iPlayboy for the Apple iPhone. Had enough yet?

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