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How do the kiddie anthems beat rock and hip-hop to the top of the charts without the support from mainstream radio?

The Disney Machine is quite interesting. Matthew Gerard has written more than 200 songs for Disney Music Publishing which has turned Disney’s tween pop into the shrinking record industry’s grown area. Gerrard and a few partners write the candy coated, controversy-free songs while the Disney Channel and more than fifty Disney Radio Stations promote it.

David Agnew, President of Walt Disney Records tells Rolling Stone that the Disney Channel plays more music than MTV and VH1 combined.”

With no support from mainstream radio, the formula works…

The Cheetah Girls 2 TV-movie sountrack went platinum while Hanna Montana went 3 million.

Gerard sees the phenomenon as an echo of the teen-pop boom of 1998-2002, except “younger and cleaner”. “We live in a tough world,” adds Agnew. “People want wholesome family entertainment”.

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