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Trent Reznor talks about illegal sharing site Oink: I’ll admit I had an account there and frequented it quite often. At the end of the day, what made OiNK a great place was that it was like the world’s greatest record store. Pretty much anything you could ever imagine, it was there, and it was there in the format you wanted… it existed because it filled a void of what people want – Trent Reznor. (valleymag)

Its Britney Bitch, hehehe: Zomba estimates Britney Spears new album “Blackout” will open in the range of 330,000-350,000. “In the zone,” Spears’ last studio album, opened with 609,000 in 2003.


New Music: Check out Jacqueline Rose. She is sitting at #53 on the top 100 country artists on myspace. Her music falls somewhere between Natalie Merchant and LeAnn Rimes. Listen to the track Euphoria.

Clear Channel Motto ‘only play what people know’: Radio should not open the flood gates to mediocrity, but if a new artist or older artists wrote a great record that is bubbling and reacting, then forgoodness sakes, put it in rotation. Why give the middle finger to new music when it could potentially grow you’re audience? Clear Channel Radio condemns innovative thinking.

Everybody wants something new. Consumers don’t want to live in the dark ages seeing or hearing the same things over and over. Tooth paste companies, The automobile industry, the pharmaceutical companies are always offering something NEW. What makes radio immune to NEW?

Imagine if HBO didn’t play any movies that dated past 1994? You can’t imagine this. But this is how Clear channel runs its business. Of course radio listenership is declining and the dwindling people that still listen primarily use it for white noise. The future of Clear Channel radio is bleak…

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