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Myspace has been inflicted with the biggest and most damaging virus to date. This new viral scam targets the younger users, and promises victims a free $500 Macy’s gift card. The headlines include “Hey dude, check it out! You ain’t gunna believe this!” or “i’m just hittin you up, as a friend, to fill you in on this exclusive deal to get a FREE $500 Macy’s Gift Card, yes, FREE!

The viral scam, which targets the site’s younger users, promises victims a free $500 Macy’s gift card. The spam scam steals the user MySpace identity and friends e-mails and posts comments on their profiles.

“It is an epidemic on MySpace,” PC Magazine Executive Editor Jeremy Kaplan . “It is a big problem particularly because of the pervasiveness of MySpace. Kaplan says he doesn’t think MySpace has done much to help solve the problem.

Alicia Keys’ Myspace page was recently hacked. Check out this video that shows how these viral spams incorporate malicious codes.

The Bottom Line: More and more artists are frustrated over Myspace and its ability to perform simple tasks. Updating the touring schedule, writing blogs, and communicating with fans can be a headache. Attacks on Myspace are rising as well as programs invented by thieves that allows users to steal songs on the Myspace music player. The techs at Myspace will be busy for a long time…

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