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360 Deals: Major music companies are offering the highly debated 360 deals to new artists. Artists will share touring and merchandising profits in return for more career support from the label. Check out the New York Times article ‘The New Deal: Band as Brand’. Jeff Leeds discusses the success of Paramore.


The Saga continues between Prince and his Fans: Last week Prince and his lawyers sent out legal letters to ‘Prince’ fan sites asking them for compensation for using photos without permission. Now the pop diva has posted a funk jam in retaliation to his fans that set up ‘Prince Fans United‘. Prince proclaims in his jingle ‘ “I don’t care what people may say, I ain’t gonna let it ruin my day.” American Idol judge Simon Cowell called Prince selfish and disrespectful. I couldn’t agree more, also, the dude seems bored.

We don’t particularly care, but you can view the original choreography for Britney Spears’ performance of Gimme More” that has founds its place on the blogosphere.

New Music: You can stream a new track from indie rock band Hello Vegas. Also listen to the track ‘My Tongue is Tied‘.

The new Duran Duran album ‘Red Carpet Massacre’ can now be streamed. Duran Duran frontman Simon Le Bon wanted a hit record and top 40 radio play. ‘We wanted to get played on U.S. Top 40 radio, and it seemed that the most direct route was to exercise our funk muscle. So we said, “Right, let’s get Timbaland.” What passionless statement. My goodness! Many artists today have no shame. Duran Duran should have took a vacation on a remote island and wrote a real record because the new stuff isn’t nearly as good as Rio and save a Prayer. The hardwork and effort was all done in vain!

Signings: Republic Universal rock artist Fair to Midland have signed a co-publishing agreement with Warner Chappell Music. Sounds Under Radio who appeared on Spiderman 3 sountrack signed to Epic Records.

Google in Talks with Simon Fuller: More people are watching TV on-line since new technology is allowing users to download video footage. PCs will eventually merge with TV sets, and the biggest companies, including Microsoft, Apple and Google will enter the market. Google is already talking to Simon Fuller the creator of Pop Idol and American Idol about a joint venture that could change the way TV is watched over the internet. (Guardian)

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