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Live Nation moves forward: The expansion of Live Nation is talked about today in the Wall Street Journal. Mr. Rapino said Live Nation needs to do more than simply run its concert operations better.

Terra Firma raising equity: Terra Firma is close to completing a £250 million equity fundraising, after telling would-be investors that it can lift profits in recorded music from £61 million in 2007 to £528 million in 2012. Read the details here. Terra Firma claims it can increase EMI profits by cutting costs – how original…..


Facebook draws privacy concerns: More than 50,000 Facebook members have signed a petition objecting to the controversial new advertising program, which sends messages to users’ friends about what they are buying on Web sites like, and Fandango. These sneaky models track where people are going online and send them ads based on the sites they have visited and the searches they have conducted. “Just because I belong to Facebook, do I now have to be careful about everything else I do on the Internet?” says a former college student. Two privacy groups said this week that they were preparing to file privacy complaints about the system with the Federal Trade Commission.

The best-selling album of 2007: “High School Musical 2” will become the year’s top-seller with 2.3 million copies sold, SoundScan reported. For the third year in a row the final sales total will likely be down more than a million units. At least the kids are no longer embracing Britney Spears.

The De-Evolution Since 1991:
‘Come On Over’ – Shania Twain – 15.4 Million
‘Metallica’ – Metallica – 14.8 Million
‘Millennium’ – Backstreet Boys – 12.1 Million
‘High School Musical 06’ – 3.7 Million
‘High School Musical 07’ – 2.5 Million


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