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I don’t know if this interview with Josh Homme is a rage or a rant but this is a must read. In this no-holds barred interview Hommes talks about his disgust with Interscope Records:

‘Fuck the labels man, they suck. The last thing they’re stripping down is their own expense accounts and shit. I mean, Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records takes a private jet or rides first class to tell a band they don’t get tour support.

I THINK OF INTERSCOPE AND ALL THESE LABELS AS THE BIGGEST FUCKING IDIOTS ON THE PLANET. And print that in capitals, because they can’t do anything to me. That’s the difference. The reason is because finally, for once, the fact that this is just their job and this is my life does a flip flop on them because they can’t stop me from being me and from playing, but they can lose their jobs and have to fucking work at Shakey’s pizza like they should’ve all along. I’m really sad for the days of the glorified groupie with the fucking hundred thousand dollar expense accounts. They’d drop bunches of bands before they would ever cut their expense accounts.

Lovely! read the full rage here..


Facebook Apologizes for Spying: Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook apologized to the site’s users for the controversial new advertising feature which tracks the actions of its members when they use other sites around the Internet. Let’s hope this program is suspended soon.


Capitol v. Thomas trial not unconstitutional: A single 30 year old mother Jammie Thomas who spent hours stealing music (1,702 songs) recently said the damages handed down by the jury were unconstitutionally excessive. The Department of Justice said the $222,000 damage award is NOT unconstitutionally excessive and that Thomas’ motion ignores the fact that statutory damages are given in place of actual damages. I suggest Jammie finds a job, begin a series of weight watchers meetings, and starts supporting her favorite artists.

Holiday Layoffs: The NY Post has a column today titled ‘SONY HUMBUG’ LABEL CUTS JOBS IN WAKE OF WEAK MUSIC SALES.  Universal are anticipating cuts within Universal’s Interscope/Geffen/A&M division, headed by Jimmy Iovin.


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