First Led Zeppelin Review: KOAR loves this title for Led Zeppelins first ‘live’ review ‘Most modern number one hits could fit into one of their guitar solos’. Support act Paolo Nutini, 20, told The Sun: “I wasn’t alive the first time around but I’ve seen the footage on DVD.“Now watching them live, I’ve been taught a true musical lesson. Check out the set list here..

Spicy or Mild? Capitol Music partnered with lingerie retailer Victoria’s Secret for the exclusive release of the Spice Girls greatest hits album. According to HITS, ‘Victoria’s Secret ordered 600k CD’s one-way from the Capitol Music Group, meaning no returns’ while the chain refused to offer a count of how many albums they sold. Obviously, it can’t be compelling. Even with prime-time appearances on TV and a music video that doubles as a commercial spot there is still a small demand for the former teen queens. Almost half of the seats in the Mandalay Arena auditorium were empty as the Spice Girls took to the stage for their second show in Las Vegas.

Pete Wentz blogs on the Grammys: Trent ranted about the Grammys – now Fallout Boy’s Pete Wentz gives his take on the grammy’s and it’s slightly less angry.
Wentz writes on his blog:

we wont lie to you, accolades from our peers feel great. however, a fifty year old white man shouldnt decide whether we are relevant or not- and he doesn’t. we wanted to thank you for making us feel relevant- for sitting up all night to get into our shows and for buying our music.

The Future of Geffen Records Is In Question: Sources are speculating about the future of Geffen Records who has housed artists including Guns N’ Roses, Nirvana, Sonic Youth, and Counting Crows. Although layoffs are imminent, one source within the organization pointed to a shutdown. Another source claims the Geffen imprint would continue to be associated with certain artists and releases, but the real action would be happening elsewhere.


New Music: Check out this Toronto based band Crystal Castles that is described by Loud & Quiet as “the most exciting and original band in the world right now”. They will be releasing their first full-length album, on Last Gang Records in February 2008. No doubt this sounds like NOISE, but sometimes NOISE is good. Listen to the track Alice Practice.

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