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MySpace in Talks With Record Labels: Myspace and record labels are looking into advertising-supported service that would allow consumers to listen to music for free. Consumers would be permitted to stream songs for free as MySpace would then sell advertisements based on the traffic. The service would probably also include a means for consumers to click on a link and pay to download songs.

The Next Chapter: TVT founder Steve Gottlieb confirmed that his label will be filing for Chapter 11, but rumors of their demise are “exaggerated.” “We will continue to promote Pitbull f/Lil Jon’s ‘The Anthem,’ which goes Top 10 at Rhythm this week. Gottlieb, who is TVT’s president, told “This is not the end of TVT.”

Hacker breaks link between iTunes and the iPod: A Norwegian Hacker released software that lets iPod owners copy music and videos bought from iTunes and play it on other devices. The program breaks the copyright protection and allows people to drag and drop songs from iTunes into a folder on their desktop, which in turn copies the files to other devices.

Number 1: Jack Johnson’s “Sleep Through the Static” remains No. 1 on The Billboard 200 for a second week.

Digital Sales to Surpass CD Sales: Half of all music sold in the US will be digital in 2011 and sales of digitally downloaded music will surpass physical CD sales in 2012, according to a new report by Forrester research via Coolfer.

Empty: Rhetoric is generally understood to be the art (Latin) or technique (Greek) of persuasion through the use of oral, visual, or written language. Watch it here.

Signings: Acoustic pop rock solo artist Matt Wertz has signed to Universal Republic Records and Thieves And Villains, an emo pop act, have signed to Victory Records.


KOAR’s Filter: Who wants to weed through 100,000 new record releases and 200 million videos on Youtube? You don’t, but we will. With that said, one of our KOAR readers Doug Devenski turned us on to the new track titled
Pretty Buildings by People In Planes.

The track opens with an open piano, and Gareth Jones singing a melody that follows the ivory tune. The tracks begin to layer with guitar and drums, analog synths add a hook that sticks in your head, and strings join in during the chorus. As the song moves on the guitar lines build in intensity, matching the emotion of the lyrics. (PuddleGum)

“I don’t want to feel this low again. I aint goin’ to steal your flame again. I don’t want to feel… `Cause you know it hurts like hell. So come out of the closet. Let’s talk about it. `Cause you know it hurts like hell. That’s you in a nutshell.”

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