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Jimmy Iovine in a rare interview describes the current nature of the music biz.

More importantly, he confirms what KOAR has been saying all along. KOAR says we are facing a creative drought and Iovine says there is a lack of imagination that we’re going through in certain areas of music.

“If you put on Alternative radio, the guitars sound exactly the same… a lot of people blame the record companies for that, but it’s not the record companies. It has to do with the lack of imagination that we’re going through right now in certain areas of music, and kids think they’re supposed to copy things on television, or on the Internet.”

“If you’re in a band, make sure somebody in the band can write and be tough on the songs. If the band can’t write then you don’t have the right combination of members”.

“The hardest thing for any artist to do is look in the mirror and say the ‘reason it failed’ was me. Everybody wants to be Shaggy and say, “It wasn’t me… My album was great, it wasn’t me, it was that building.”

Watch the full interview here.

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