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Borders Cut Jobs: Borders who is losing market share to retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon will fire 274 workers, or 20 percent of its corporate workforce, as part of a plan to save $120 million a year.

John Mayer indirectly claims he is one of the better guitar players: Mayer responds when asked ‘What does the guitar mean to you now’?

“For me, it’s my flotation device, because I now exist in this celebrity sort of world. But I don’t feel like anybody’s been able to truly knock me off my legs, because I have a trade. You can’t just walk onstage and start playing guitar ’cause you thought it looked neat. With guitar, you get out what you put in, and it’s the ultimate shield for other people trying to fuckin’ take away your heart and soul. It’s a completely exposed craft. There is no facade”.

It’s also a nice to see that Mayer recognizes a good guitar tone that seems so absent in today’s music. “There’s so many clichés about this, which I hate, like “molten glass.” But I want it to sound like a voice. That’s all. And you want that voice to speak back to you in a tone you don’t expect — so it doesn’t sound exactly like you. You want to listen to what it’s saying back to you says Mayer”.

New Music: Check out alive by Superchick. Although Superchick isn’t new, most people haven’t heard of the band. The band has sold over 700,000 albums in the Christian market. They have a new album dropping on June 24th titled “Rock What You Got”.

The Charts: Usher has a No. 1 album this week with “Here I Stand” with 433,000 U.S. copies sold. Ushers last record “Confessions” sold 800,000 first week. Rock act 3 Doors Down sold 63,000 and Death Cab For Cutie’s “Narrow Stairs” sold 33,000.

Major Music Labels Continue Investing In Digital Companies: Universal has invested into Uber, a digital startup that allows users to instantly create multimedia websites and blogs. Warner Music Group also invested $20 million in Lala.

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