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Recommended Show: Negative Space is performing  in NYC at Crash Mansion Thursday July 17th. For fans of mainstream rock bands including Breaking Benjamin, Saliva, and Seether. Listen to the track Right Now.

Amazon MP3 Store: Sources claim that Amazon may have 4% to 5% of the U.S. digital music market which would result in 27 million tracks being sold so far this year. Apple would have sold 1 billion tracks in the same period.

Buzzing: Rock band Settings, a KOAR favorite, has posted a video for the track Creatures on their myspace. The band recently appeared on MTV’s TRL, lead singer Donny Evans is a legitimate frontman and the band is moving closer to a breakout song.

Idol News: Daughtry is in the studio writing recording his sophomore album and once again he will be writing with the same songwriters that worked on his debut. He will be working with Dave Basset (Shinedown) and Tommy Heriksen (Revis),  Mitch Allan (All These Lives), David Hodges and Ben Moody (What About Now), Brian Howes (What I Want, Over You), Ryan Tedder (One Republic),and Emerson Hart (Tonic).

EMI – Corporate Accounting: An internal e-mail from Guy Hands that was sent to his staff described a rosier path for EMI. “Mr Hands said revenue from the recorded music division rose 61 per cent to £288.1m ($574.8m) in the three months to the end of June.” Basically, firing employees spiked short term revenue, but what about next year?

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