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Best Buy To Stock Unsigned Bands: Best Buy is teaming up with to stock their shelves and online store with regional and local artists. Local artists who are chosen for the program will have their album sold in selected Best Buy locations and Artists who are considered for the program must have activity that will be measured by their local performances, Myspace/Facebook pages, and fan base. Of course your local indie record store (if you have any) is probably a better destination for your CD’s .

Study – Radio Wins: Another study conducted by Jupiter Research says “word of mouth and radio are the most common means of music discovery among” music influencers.” According to Jupiter’s data, radio is far and away the most popular method of music discovery for all four of its categories: “music aficionados,” “paying downloaders,” “CD purists” and “overall online users.”

Ageing Rockers Risk Copyright Protection: Artists currently lose the rights to their recordings after 50 years but the EU wants to extend the copyright to last 95 years.

EMI – Office Move: After eliminating thousands of jobs, EMI is looking for smaller office space in NYC for its recorded music division. Also, Sony BMG’s RCA/J Records is moving to 550 Madison Ave.

Striking a Nerve: Rolling Stone mag will publish the best ‘ all time ‘ singers in November. Regardless if they are dead or alive, voters will be asked to select the top 20 singers. The criteria is based on originality, stage presence, influence and, most important, vocal ability. Fox’s Roger Friedman asks, “Why is Justin Timberlake, Aaliyah and Perry Ferrell are on the same ballot as Whitney Houston, Paul Rodgers and James Taylor”? Of course we agree with his commentary that these lists are simply marketing tools designed to infuriate readers and stimulate sales. This celebrity sickened culture sucks….

New Artist Updates: One Less Reason is currently recording an EP with producer Rick Beato.

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