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This Week Sales: Kid Rock’s album ‘Rock n Roll Jesus’ continues to sell like hot cakes with another 95k copies sold this week. He won’t offer his album on iTunes and his fans don’t care. Rock act Seether went GOLD with their album ‘Finding Beauty In Negative Spaces’. Madonna’s ‘Hard Candy’ continues to disappoint quickly falling off the charts, can we finally say the Timbaland produced dance beats are dead? I think so.

New Music: Unknown Grand Rapids rock act Pop Evil is charting on the active rock charts. The band will release their debut via independent label, Pazzo Music.

Are The Thieves Relocating To Hollywood? In France, illegally-downloaded films outpaced ticket sales in May, says digital music news. Anti-piracy group ALPA noted that 13.5 million films were illegally downloaded in May, a massive figure. “This is a major phenomenon that could endanger the cinema and audiovisual industry,” ALPA representative Frederic Delacroix warned.

Signings: The Mission District signed with Relentless Records in the UK and EMI in Canada. Artist Vs. Poet have signed to Fearless Records.

We Want Truthful Meaningful Lyrics: 90 percent of music fans feel that lyrics provide a deeper appreciation of music, though 50 percent feel that less lyrics are easily accessible than five years ago says the consortium via digital music news. In fact, “consumers want more lyrics layered into their music-related purchases, according to a recent survey.” “The artists who write lyrics have something to say and our survey shows that audiences want to be able to read and appreciate them properly,” said campaign director Honor Wilson-Fletcher.”

What artists today have something to say? we would love to hear it.

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