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Lil’ Wayne even makes emo rock hits? Take Tennessee emo rockers
Framing Hanley who have scored more reaction and radio play from their cover of Lil’ Wayne’s hit “Lollipop” than from any song off their Silent Majority Group debut album. Would you dismiss it as a harmless cover or could this seriously help the band gain momentum heading into their second album? Either way, the track has turned some heads at alternative and active rock radio.

Lil’ Wayne also doesn’t have to say much to help propel a virtual no name to the top of the pop charts. Singer/songwriter/producer, industry veteran
Kevin Rudolf has paid his dues over the past ten years and is on the verge of a top 10 Pop hit with his debut single, “Let it Rock”. Call it generic, or call it catchy, it’s a hit.

A singer/songwriter who hasn’t instilled the help of Cash Money/Universal or Lil’ Wayne is the newly independent Butch Walker. Readying his first independent release on his own label Power Ballad (in=2 0conjunction with Original Signal & RED) since the major label botching of what I thought were surefire hits in his songs “Mixtape” & “Don’t Move”. Walker may have his best shot at radio success since those tracks on 2004’s Letters with his new single, “The Weight of Her”, where he can contend on the Triple A charts. Download the track for free here.

Alkaline Trio recently asked for fan input as to what their second single should be between tracks “I Found Away” & “Calling All Skeletons”. Check out the latter on their myspace and you might agree that “Calling All Skeletons” could be the catchiest and one of the most memorable tracks the band has produced in recent memory. It’s got my vote.

Quick Picks:

The ConstellationsCLove is a Murder” (feat. Cee-Lo) – If no one in the U.S. is going to pick these guys up, the UK could be very fertile ground for this band. See: Iglu and Hartly & Orson

Starewell – “Broke and Out of Money” – Some comments on here have asked where the rock went? These Canadians are at least attempting to bring some of it back.

Ryan Star – “Right Now” – Star may have his pop/Hot AC hit with the track he just debuted called, “Right Now”. Check out the last minute of the track to hear this singer’s great voice – click on his audio player

Brightwood – “Swan Songs” – Check out this DIY Alternative rock band and their new album, “Wake”.

Soundcheck is written by Dallas Osborn who currently attends San Francisco State University and works on the Live 105 (KITS) Action Team.

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