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Chicago indie act Company of Thieves who signed to Wind-Up Records is building a nice buzz which is evident from a current position at
#19 on the iTunes Top Albums chart. The physical release is set for 2/24/09.  Company of Thieves strives to go back in time when songs had messages and went beyond hitting the dance floor and hooking up.

“For at least the past 10 years in mainstream music there’s been this overwhelming focus on the ‘front man,’ which has really gotten out of hand,” Walloch says. “When we were kids we knew the names of every member. It was the bands who were important then, and we’re hoping to bring that kind of feeling back.”

“That’s where the band’s name comes from,” Walloch says. “We’ve taken what we know and put our own twist on it. It’s a kind of ‘thievery,’ but it’s all about paying our respects to what we were inspired by.”

Take a listen to Quiet On The Front.

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