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  • Fox’s “American Idol” scored the biggest numbers Tuesday, as the audience drifted away from the inaugural coverage. According to Nielsen, “American Idol” dominated Tuesday’s opening hour with an 8.9 rating/22 share in adults 18-49 and 22.4 million viewers overall. (Variety)
  • We all know that Apple has been skirting around Steve Jobs health issues, thus, the SEC is now investigating Apple’s recent disclosures about the health of Jobs. “The Securities and Exchange Commission is thought to be responding to pressure from investors infuriated by the technology group’s surprise about-face on the seriousness of the illness affecting Mr Jobs.” (Times Online)
  • Metallica lead the class of this year’s “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” inductees. “What about the possibility of reuniting with bassist Jason Newsted, who was in the band from 1986 until 2001? “There’s been an invite put out, no doubt,” Hetfield revealed. “We want everyone to celebrate — everyone who’s been a part of it. Jason has been a big part of that. You don’t want to see the drama of a… unfortunately, Blondie or [Sex] Pistols or Van Halen.” It’s ridiculous. This is Metallica’s moment — along with others — but let’s celebrate. Let’s forget the crap.” As for what bassist Cliff Burton, who died in a tour bus accident in 1986, would have felt about the Rock Hall invite, Hetfield said, “I would like to think that Cliff would love this.” (Rolling Stone)
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