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Michael Jackson was a force in the music world, defining the eighties. Michael was a true musical genius and visionary – artists that we don’t experience anymore and will probably never again. In fact, I have always used Michael Jackson as a reference point for “GREATNESS” with my discussions with artists.

Michael left us legendary songs along with timeless videos. Billy Jean, Beat It, and Thriller are some of the best directed music videos of all time.

Those videos were mini movies, giving us a narrative to the song that we haven’t seen before. How many videos can you close your eyes and literally replay the whole video in your mind? Each frame had relevance, created for perfection.

Although Michael was a gifted human being, it certainly came with a host of problems. Let us learn of the darkness that can come along with the fame and fortune. As one philosopher said, “How does one live on the inside when everything one wants on the outside is within reach but has left one emptier on the inside than before?”

We all know the famous songs from Michael, with that said, let me leave you with one of my favorite obscure songs with the King of Pop singing the chorus in the track called Somebody’s Watching Me.

My condolences goes out to his family.

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