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We’ve been posting Kingsfoil for the last 2 years because I’ve enjoyed your music, it’s different yet melodic and catchy. Your new
record is finally breaking through, it debuted #42 on the iTunes Rock Charts.

How long have you been a band for?
(Jordan) Tristan and I grew up together playing in different bands and writing music together. We played acoustic for awhile and put a lot of time into getting better at writing songs, around 5 years ago we added Tim and went full band. Since then we have worked hard and put in the time to really build out band from the ground up.

You’ve had some line-up changes, correct?
(Jordan) yes, Tim is the second bass player and frankie is the second drummer. otherwise.. that’s the only lineup changes we’ve had.

Who generally writes the songs? Is it a collective effort?
(Jordan) Most of the time I will write a song on guitar or piano, or Tristan and I will write something and bring it to the band, at that point, everybody adds their two cents. Sometimes ideas happen as we are all jamming or working together.

Tells us about the record making process.
(Jordan) after we get a song down and everybody has their parts written we will demo the song and send it to our producer Dustin Burnett, he will give us feedback on it… we often will re-demo the tune a couple times. We like to get the song feeling good well before the studio. Then when we go in to make a record we have a strong base of a song, we can then spend some time and try and couple more things in the studio… recording is a blast for me.

The video for the single ‘What Your Mother Taught You’ really captures
the song. How did that come about?
(Frankie) We actually planned to shoot the video in about 3 days. We had come up with a story line that we wanted to try to capture to tell the story a bit and went for it.  I directed alongside cinematographer Lou Sparre, and we shot until the neighbors started yelling for us to
stop banging on the drums at 5 in the morning!  We are thrilled with the finished product and do think that the story is told throughout
the video.

Would you consider signing with a major label?
(Jordan) yes I think we would. Although it would really have to make sense for us. at this point we have found a team that believes in us and we are really starting to build something. if a label came in they would really have to be behind our music.
(Frankie) We started our own label which is nice to keep control of 100%.  We can do exactly what it is that we want when we want, and that freedom is nice.

Do you have upcoming tour plans?
(Jordan) we have just started a nation wide tour for the whole month of October we also plan to go overseas in the new year

Who would you like to tour with?

(Frankie) Anybody!! haha.. we have a lot of different musical influences.  But MuteMath, Imagine Dragons, Third Eye Blind, Foo Fighters to name a few…

Who influenced you as an artist?
(Jordan) I grew up listening to a band called bright eyes. They make album that they believe in and they stay true to themselves. That’s inspiring.

(Tim) LoveDrug

(Tristan) The Beatles, The Beach Boys and The Red Hot Chilli Peppers

(Frankie) Dave Matthew’s Band, John Mayer…. Keane!

Check out their brand new video for the song ‘What Your Mother Taught You

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