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The Jonas Brothers comes back strong. In fact, they are looking to score a #1 album and they may have the biggest debut of the year edging out Ariana Grande. Their latest documentary ‘Chasing Happiness’ reveals the rise and fall of the band and offers a glimpse of the Jonas story that could attract new fans. Not all successful acts come back with strong numbers but the Jonas Brothers are beating expectations. They are back on top 40 radio, playing sold-out arenas, while their latest single Sucker has over 300+ million Spotify streams. Sure, Nick Jonas is married to global celebrity Priyanka Chopra but they proved there is a demand for the band. I also believe the older fans want to be apart of their journey. The NJ boys always stayed positive and gives a sense of escapism to an audience that is exhausted from the political vitriolic society. Chase happiness and expect great things.

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