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In a rare interview with The Guardian – Swedish songwriter Max Martin who has worked with Britney, Taylor Swift, and Ariana Grande says we should be ‘grateful’ that pop stars allow their lives to ‘fall apart’ for the job.

Max rarely does interviews and he notes, “I just like to stay in the background as much as possible.”

“I think we all should be grateful [to the artists],” he says.

“It’s easy for us to say that they become these rich, spoilt divas – and I’m not talking about Britney specifically, just in general – but we forget that these artists go out into the world and work and tour and become super-famous for our enjoyment. And then we watch their lives fall apart in front of our eyes for doing something amazing.”

He sighs. “I’m so thankful that someone actually still wants that job. I’ve seen it many many times, what fame does. And it goes back to why I don’t do interviews. Especially now with social media: our lives are on display all the time and when you’re famous it’s on a whole other level. We’re not made to be that famous, it’s not normal. It’s not in our DNA.”

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