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Dua Lipa is on a new promo run as she prepares to drop her second album. She made some headlines within the last 24 hours as she ripped the effects of social media on interview with BBC. She says it’s a breeding ground for hate and that she often searches for negative comments on her vulnerable days.

“Some days I don’t read into the comments, some days maybe I feel a little bit more vulnerable and I dive in and I almost go looking for things that I don’t want to see,” say Lipa. She also says that she takes social media in “bite sizes” in order to manage her anxiety. “Social media can be such an amazing tool, and it can be so fun to share things but at the same time it’s almost like a breeding ground for hate and anxiety,” she said.

Social media would be happier place if everyone followed Ed Sheeran’s advice – ‘Be nice to everyone, always smile, and appreciate things because it could all be gone tomorrow.’

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