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Out With The Old, In With The New // Data Mining & Talent Discovery: If there is one thing that always changes, it’s the process of discovering new artists, both for consumers and music executives. With instant data access, the role of A&R is changing. Yes, everybody is drunk on data but that has become a serious challenge to the older A&R executive getting paid hefty figures to drum up hit songs and artists. Data driven artists like Ant Saunders, Arizona Zervas and REI AMI who all scored label deal changes the game. Spotify is more than ever in the artist discovery business and they get the credit for jumpstarting artists whether its Arizona, Tones and I, and let’s throw in Lewis Capaldi. Yes, Capaldi achieved massive success via radio but it was the playlists that gave ‘Bruises’ life, eventually giving birth to ‘Someone You Loved’. Right now, it’s all eyes on Spotify. Of course, the video-sharing social sites like Tok Tok deserves some credit for laying the groundwork for Lil Nas X and other tracks. One thing is for sure. Music and social sites will continue to co-exist with each other.  Names Making Noise: Dua Saleh, maye, Lee Cole, Nina Chuba, and Kelsy Karter.

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