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Speaking about odd timing. The Grammys will air in 10 days and their is a major shakedown on the inside. The Grammy CEO Deborah Dugan was fired after being assused of sexual misconduct. Dugan’s lawyer came to her defense and tweeted “this is what happens when you step up,” “old boys network” and “fix grammys now.”

Dugans is claiming she was ousted not because of sexual misconduct and promises that the truth will be exposed. Here are some questions insiders are asking. Why was Dugan let go 10 days before the show? That’s pretty suspicious. Insiders claim that Academy veterans didn’t want her to establish herself with a successful first show. Other insiders claim the Academy is filled with ‘old dogs’ who are resistant to change. “It was too much change for them, to soon”

Another source added, “She may have been asking questions like ‘Why is the board so large?’ and ‘Why are we spending so much money’” on certain executives and expenses. “There are people who had been there for years who knew they were going to be let go, and who knew they would not get a job that paid as well anywhere else.”

According to The New York Times, Dugan had sent a memo to the Academy’s human resources department, saying that she was concerned about the organization’s practices and spending, stating that “something was seriously amiss at the Academy” and citing voting irregularities, financial mismanagement, “exorbitant and unnecessary” legal bills, and conflicts of interest involving members of the academy’s board, executive committee and outside lawyers.

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