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Lana Del Rey and controversy go together like oil and vinegar. Why? I have no idea because she really isn’t a polarizing artist. Regardless, she was heavily trolled and accused of racial insensitivity for naming stars including like Doja Cat, Nicki Minaj as having had hits about “wearing no clothes and cheating with full acceptance, while she has been “crucified” for penning lyrics that dealt with abusive relationships.

Who helps her through tough times? Management…

“Where do I even begin to pinpoint how they’ve most helped me?” she shared. “I think the way they’ve primarily helped me the most is by seeing me as a real person with unique challenges and unique gifts. They’ve understood that I have a real sensitivity about me and that that’s what makes the music pretty, but it’s what makes certain processes more challenging.”

“Honestly, weekly… My challenges have never involved creating a record or putting out music or how to do that. I need them as much for emotional support as I do for a career guidance. We have experienced highs and lows together, mostly me having anxiety! But, of course, everybody’s life is happening in between the records.

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