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The 19 year old Bella Hutton drops the ballad Only You. The sultry ballad will melt your soul. Ha! Although she sounds nothing like these artists, she’s influenced by Amy Winehouse, The 1975, and Billie Eilish. The singer-songwriter landed on Spotify’s New Pop UK & Chilled Pop Hits Playlists.

What’s it’s like in the UK now with the pandemic?
Living in the UK right now is very uncertain, things seem to change on a daily basis and it has become very difficult to make solid plans because things seem to change on a daily basis. As an artist it’s been difficult because there are no live shows and it’s hard to meet up with new people like producers and co-writers in person, there’s only so much you can do over zoom! I think it’s important to stay positive though because things will improve and hopefully normal life will resume soon.

Has it personally affected you?
Yes for sure!! It’s affected everyone. I’ve had it easy compared to the incredible key workers who worked throughout our lockdown. I just tried to stay busy and not get too bored!

How has the current climate affected your songwriting?
I have definitely found a lot more time for songwriting and I have been focusing on writing new songs. Before the virus I often found it difficult to find time to dedicate to songwriting as I was always so busy, but now I have lots of time to focus to it.

Why did you choose music as a form of your creative expression?
Throughout school I always struggled in academic subjects due to my dyslexia, but music is something I have always been good at. I find it to be a great way to express the way I’m feeling in the moment and writing songs has always helped me deal with issues in my life. I would say songwriting is a form of therapy for me.

Where in the world would you like to have fans besides the UK?
I would love to have a strong fan base in the US. I love America! It would be insane to tour there one day.

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