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Look out for Command Sisters and the track Lonely Lullaby. Regardless of what genre you like, it’s pretty easy to get into the mid-tempo song that deals with chaotic and addictive relationships. The track has tinge of rock and was recorded in Los Angeles with producer Tim Pagnotta (Walk The Moon, Weezer). So who are the Command Sisters? They’re Charlotte and Sarah Command, a sister duo from Alberta, Canada that started out as a country act that made treks to Nashville. Take a look at their photos, clothes, hair, and the overall aesthetic. It’s mostly red, black, and white. I like it a lot. Sarah says, “During that time I needed a distraction, and focusing on my music career was the best way to get over the trauma I went through in high school. It honestly sounds like a marketing scheme, but music was truthfully the thing that kept me going and motivated to get out of bed.”

Give it a stream…..

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