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Check out How Does It Feel by Bonny Lauren. After a quick listen artists like Halsey and Ava Max will come to mind. It could find a home on Spotify’s Pop All Day Playlist or Apple’s Breaking Pop.

The song also landed on New Music Friday, New Music Switzerland, and Pop Brandneu. The Berlin based songwriter has already clocked more than 15 million Spotify streams

Bonny says this about the track: “Its like I see you underwater how did I even feel before, it’s all so blurry since we’re over Oh were over, once more. The first verse directly describes the change of perception of the person who once used to be your lover and best friend. After trying to work a relationship many times, you need to realize, that sometimes you’re better off alone and that you can’t prevent any change of another person or a relationship. You just need to accept it and move on.”

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