The Narrative will be releasing a 4-song EP, with the first catchy single titled “New Anxiety” that was released today. This song delves into the theme of intrusive thoughts, making it a perfect choice for fans of chill pop. It was the first of many songs written during the pandemic when the band started writing music again

Based in Nashville, TN, The Narrative emerges as an indie/alt/pop ensemble that originally hails from Long Island, NY. The convergence of Jesse Gabriel (vocals/guitar) and Suzie Zeldin (vocals/keys) post-college birthed a creative partnership that culminated in the debut EP release, “Just Say Yes.” This initial success paved the way for two subsequent full-length albums, both acclaimed by both enthusiasts and critics.

The album encompasses a diverse range of subjects, spanning from anxiety and parenthood to contemplations of free will and the navigation of challenges inherent in enduring relationships. Throughout the album, a consistent thread of authenticity, coupled with candid yet forthright lyrical expression, intertwines with a sonic landscape that seamlessly merges laid-back vibes with poignant resonance.

In this upcoming EP, Suzie’s lead vocals take center stage across all four new tracks, signifying a departure from their earlier approach where both Suzie and Jesse shared the mantle of lead vocal duties across different songs. The genesis of most songs (excluding “Higher”) originated with Suzie, as she penned them on the piano at the early hour of 5 am, harnessing the rare tranquility of her household in slumber. Suzie’s exploration of Logic enabled her to delve into her own production endeavors encompassing keys, drum programming, and vocals. Jesse, in turn, injected the core production elements, electric guitar nuances, and his own vocal contributions. The culmination of these creative efforts occurred in collaboration with Bryan Russell, a steadfast ally, producer, and mix engineer situated in East Nashville.

The EP’s release strategy adopts a waterfall approach, presenting alternate versions of each track. The principal artwork has been segmented into four quadrants, with each single’s release accompanied by one quadrant of the artwork. The full artwork will be unveiled alongside the final single.

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