Los Angeles-based Victor Fuertes released the 12-track album titled “The Bearer of Bad News” during the pandemic, which is set to be released on October 27th. The Dominican Republic native wrote, recorded, and produced the album himself in his bedroom. It’s a melancholic, folky, coffee shop, dreamy album. This album is a perfect fit for playlists such as “Acoustic Chill,” “Indie Folk & Chill,” “Café Indie,” and “Dreamy Acoustics.”

He started “The Bearer of Bad News” project during the COVID-19 pandemic when he couldn’t play music with friends or perform live due to the pandemic. After moving to New York to find work and ease the financial burden on his struggling parents, he spent a lot of time indoors, thinking about his life not going as planned, and realizing that his twenties were a bit strange.

Around October, he turned to songwriting for comfort, even though he had limited experience with singing, bass, and production. As he started writing, the idea of turning these songs into an album began to take shape. He moved to California halfway through 2020, thinking it would provide the space he needed for the project.

It took three years to complete the album, and during that time, he saved up to purchase necessary equipment like a MacBook, Logic Pro, a Focusrite Scarlett, mics, and more. He also learned the ins and outs of recording and the challenges of mixing and mastering. The project was a personal journey where he honed his musical skills and paid tribute to the genres that inspired him. The album embodies the idea that life often doesn’t go as planned, a theme that emerged as he navigated through the ups and downs of his experiences.
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