Check out Sultans Court and the new song “No Pressure” by the Berlin band Sultans Court has a cool indie vibe that’s great for the chilly season. The track is the third single from the forthcoming ‘Everything’s Fine EP,’ set to come out January 2024.

In this tune, the band flaunts their creativity with a cool lo-fi style. The drums and guitars bring a light and chill vibe, like a trip down memory lane in a cozy record store. The deliberately simple sound keeps up the band’s retro feel, kinda like Mac DeMarco or Arlo Parks.

The track could find a home on Spotify’s Indie Chill Vibes and Chill Indie Beats.

In “No Pressure,” the band dives into the ups and downs of a relationship that’s going through a tough time. The song captures the desire for happier moments while facing the struggle of trying to make things work. It’s all about wondering if it’s possible to leave behind the worries and fears and find better days together.

The band says, “We usually write quite sad and dark songs, “No Pressure” was made out of a desire to take a different angle than usual. We caught ourselves listening to a lot of Lofi Music to calm us down in hard times; “No Pressure” was made to do just that: even if things might look dire, try to have a look at the bright side.

When Julius Klaus and Konstantin Hennecke, the brains behind Sultans Court, first met in a car in 2015, they didn’t know it would lead to a musical journey. Later, Leander Kohn joined on drums, and Markus Hartung on synths. Their music is a mix of influences like Flume, Foals, and Weval, blending lively analog sounds with digital and sampled elements. After their debut EP, “From Afar,” gained over a million streams, Sultans Court played at festivals like Fuchsbau Festival, Reeperbahn Festival, and Nürnberg Pop.

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