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What happened to the Rock Stars?

All The media outlets are producing some type of rock star except for Music?

Forgoodness sakes! Simon Cowell is more interesting to look at than the karaoke singers.

Say What?

The public is so bored that their eyes are glued to Paris Hilton and Lindsay? At least the socialites are living up to the public expectations. The public is bored and they should be!

Did artists forget how to become rock stars?

Axl Rose returned briefly in 06, and he didn’t forget to bitch slap Tommy Hilfiger. Thanks Axl. You are a true rockstar. Keith Richards smoked up his grandfathers ashes. Whether true or not, its genius. Amy Winehouse is intriguing, a coked up rocker unable to perform. Rap stars were rock stars for a millisecond until kids figured out they were greedy hustlers concerned about their bank accounts. Rock stars don’t save money, they light their cash on fire.

Tattoos, eyeliner, and black clothing don’t automatically turn someone into a rock star. Passion, intensity, and belief are the true ingredients. Who is responsible for selling records? The labels or the act itself? or both? Unless an act consisently writes Beatle quality top 40 songs, you can’t sell squat if consumers aren’t passionate about the act.

Any rock stars on the Warped Tour? Nope. Although Davey Havok from AFI does a good job creating a live experience. Any rock stars on the Ozzfest? Nope. Maybe Ozzy himself but all he has left is vital signs and a nagging wife.

One year I was backstage at the Ozzfest overhearing the stage manager yelling at some hardcore act to get their shit off the stage. Thats the type of of respect these acts get. “Get your amps and kit off the stage now, we are on a time schedule”. Next act?

Except for a few, artists today can’t even sell out 3,000 seaters. How do promoters get the audience attention today? They need to gather up 200 acts, circus clowns, elephants, tents, and popcorn machines. If a petting zoo isn’t attractive, we will give away free tickets (Ozzfest 2007).

Oh, let me hear the excuses! Things change…. We are living in a different times. ….Society has changed…. Kids have changed….. Video games…… MySpace…… The national mood has changed….. Self Worship…… Bull! no excuse for the lack of rock stars that had the ability to persuade 15,000 kids to congregate in one place.

We are waiting…………………………………………..

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