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Kings favorite Em Rossi releases a new single “No Longer The Same” with the Smule app that has 60 million users world wide. The single was also featured on Bay Area ABC7 news. The 20 year old singer-songwriter based in Los Angeles has been rolling out beautifully sad songs that has garnered millions of YouTube streams. Much of her inspiration comes from losing a parent at an early age. Em notes, “Everyone deals with death in different ways. I’ve watched family, friends, and myself go through it and it’s safe to say I’ve seen it all. It’s definitely a harsh reality check. It’s honestly indescribable. Only those who have gone through the same thing could even begin to understand the shock and sadness”. It’s rare when an artist truly expresses their emotions through music. Demi Lovato did it with ‘Sober’ and Em does it with her latest track No Longer The Same. Like any true artist, Em isn’t looking for fame. “Music became my core and no matter what happens or where it takes me, I am proud to say that I nor my family chose to close the doors and hide from the world” says Em. Give it a stream.


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