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You serve me and I’ll serve you

Pat The Manager served his former artist Chance The Rapper a million dollar lawsuit for breach of contract back in December. Now, Chance The Rapper cameback with a lawsuit of his own and is suing Pat The Manager.
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Pat The Manager claimed he was entitled to 15% of net profits from the rappers merch, tours, song streams, and endorsements. Chance and his lawyers do not deny that in their lawsuit, but they did say the manager isn’t owed millions. The rapper claims the former manager abandoned his management responsibilities, delegated his responsibilities to his employees so he could spend more time pursuing his own separate interests and other businesses.
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Overall, Chance is suing Pat The Manager for breach of contract and is asking for at least $1 million. The lawsuit mirror the million dollar lawsuit the manager served the rapper. This is a “you serve me, I’ll serve you scenario”. This will be up to the court now. Pat The Manager has denied the allegations, and called the claims baseless. buy remeron online no prescription

Sue Me, You Sue Blues
And you serve me and I’ll serve you
Swing your partners, all get screwed
Bring your lawyer and I’ll bring mine
Get together and we could have a bad time
— George Harrison

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