TW 32,979
Total 461,794
**as mentioned in KOAR’s previous posts, this record has legs and the band has a solid vision. Producer Jerry Finn did a great job on the record, not over-produced. Kids don’t like slick generic records, they need something real. Check out Love Like Winter

Three Days Grace
TW 18,567
Total 179,338
**This record is the anti-thesis of AFI’s Decemberunderground. Cut and Paste! This is a display of pure laziness! This record is ridiculously over-produced and its ashame because Three Days Grace wrote decent songs that will avoid a sophomore slump. They could squeeze out a gold record.

Louder Now
Taking Back Sunday

TW 16,807
Total 411,805
**I guarantee you that its the last time Warner kicks up big bucks (millions) for a band that can barely skim a gold record. Warner got burned.

Liberation Transmission
Lost Prophets
TW 9,643
Total 50,642
**First single “Rooftops”
Standing on the rooftops,
Everybody scream your heart out.
Standing on the rooftops,
Everybody scream your heart out.
Standing on the rooftops,
Everybody scream your heart out.
This is all we’ve got now.

This is one of the reasons rock seems to be extinct. We have rappers talking about guns and rockers singing about rooftops. Still blaming illegal downloading? C’mon guys, who’s fooling who! If I purchase “rooftops” for 99 cents do I get a free pair of windshield wipers? Another badly over-produced record that will fall between the cracks. Cut and Paste and put it on Myspace.

Appetite For Destruction
Guns N Roses
Total 18,000,000+
**First Single “Welcome to the Jungle”
Welcome to the jungle
We got fun ‘n’ games
We got everything you want
Honey we know the names
We are the people that can find
Whatever you may need
If you got the money honey
We got your disease

A dirty nasty gutter band from the streets of Los Angeles. Beautiful! Again, kids want something real. They don’t want to be standing on their rooftops screaming their heart out.

      MORE Indie Invaders / POSTED BY: KINGSOFAR

NY Attorney General and music industry nemesis Eliot Spitzer is running for governor. Big Hollywood stars and media moguls including Netscape founder Jim Clark are contributing to his campaign. As you know Eliot Spitzer served subpoenas against record labels in an investigation into “payola”, the illegal compensation of radio stations for playing certain songs. I believe Spitzer would be much more suited as a VP of A&R rather than a NY Governor. Apparently, Spitzer knows the different between a hit and a stiff even commenting that J Lo can’t even hum her own tune. Considering his background and credentials I predict that he would learn the record business rather quickly.

-Producer management company, Worlds End, have started a new indie label called Beverly Martel Music. They just signed Long Island’s Madison Prep and Sacramento upstarts Track Fighter.

      MORE Indie Invaders / POSTED BY: KINGSOFAR

When a record is played on “terrestrial� broadcast radio in the United States (i.e., over the air), who makes money? Since a radio broadcast is a “public performance� of the song in the record under the U.S. Copyright Act, the songwriters and publishers make money through their performing rights organization, whether ASCAP, BMI or SESAC. But does the artist? Does the session drummer? Does the record company?

Not in the United States.

If the same record is played in Canada, the United Kingdom, Japan, or any one of a host of other countries, not only do the songwriters and publishers get paid a royalty through their PRO, but the artists, session players and copyright owner of the recording also get paid through a sound recording PRO. CONTINUE READING

      MORE Indie Invaders / POSTED BY: KINGSOFAR

Unsigned Virgin Millionaires who we featured in KOAR’s Higher Learning has outsold major label artist releases during the same six week period in their hometown market Indianapolis.

Virgin Millionaires – N/A – 1,834 units (6 wks)Â Top 40 Soundscan, first 2 wks Top 10
Wreckers – Warner Bros. – 1,666 units (6 wks)
Raconteurs – V2 – 2,059 units (7 wks)
Wolfmother – Interscope – 1,396 units (9 wks)
Blue October – Universal – 1,196 units (6 wks)
Angels & Airwaves – Geffen – 1,777 units (6 wks)
Taking Back Sunday – WAR – 2,633 units (8 wks)
Snow Patrol – ANM – 1,216 units (7 wks)
Goo Goo Dolls – Warner Bros. – 2,482 units (10 wks)
Mark Knopfler – Warner Bros – 2,257 units (10 wks)
Flyleaf – Octone – 2,893 units (15 wks)

Solid spins on WZPL (Indy) and WRZX (Alt). Sold-Out 7/1 Concert @ Birdy’s Live

This is a success story that A&R’s should be looking for.

1) an unsigned band services song to radio
2) radio station likes song therefore spins song
3) consumers go to store and buy record.

Hence, this is a solid radio/retail story. Where are the A&Rs?

Check out the tracks

  • Strung Out (mp3)
  • Bitter Hearts Can Lie (mp3)
  • For more information contact legal Nick Ferrera.

          MORE Indie Invaders / POSTED BY: KINGSOFAR

    -Metal act Ill Nino has been dropped from RoadRunner.

    -Due to security threats some Canadian businesses are beginning to ban iPods and other mp3 players from the workplace to their ability to act as high-capacity portable storage. Who would ever think that songs would be looked at as files and data..(Globe and Mail)

    -The EMI/Warner drama continues as the NY Post ran an article Music Deal’s On Ice (EMI-Warner Unlikely). As KOAR mentioned, the European court decision to overturn the 2004 SonyBMG merger has put heat or (ice) on the potential EMI/Warner Merger.

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