Coolfer reports that DJ Shadow has signed with Universal Records and will have a new album out this summer. Alter Bridge former members of Creed who had a long lasting partnership with Wind Up have terminated their recording, publishing, and merchandising agreements, severing all of the band’s contractual relationships with the label. A sad story considering Creed laid the foundation for Wind Up. Victory Records signs Endwell (above), a hardcore screamo act from NJ.

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James Blunt TW 53,783Â
PAnic! At The Disco TW 31,780
Blue October TW 17,092
Buckcherry TW 13,380
TW 7,140
Pink TW 42,087
The Fray TW 22,424
Yellowcard TW 5,861

James Blunt is beginning to prove that he wrote more than one hit. Is Blue October going to break? ….Who would have thought Buckcherry would debut on the top 50? Lava Records will be distributing the record now.

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Looks like Virgin, Capitol and Lizard King/Atlantic has offers out for 80’s influenced pop act Liam and Me. The Militia Group wants to ink a deal with indie solo artist Chase Pagan formerly on Geffen. Ever talked about Ludo has official offers on the table. Ohio based Gorillera-esque hip-hop act Ordinary Peoples, was picked up by Variety Booking (Incubus, 311) and will be performing at Crash Mansion Friday May 5th. Check out the Ordinary Peoples track Ruin Me and  Cause and Effect.   For more information email Charles Kaplan or 614-560-5006.

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eddie.jpgPearl Jam is about to release their 8th record and their first album with J Records (Alicia Keys). This is the same band that released the beast “Ten” in 1991 that sold nearly 10 million copies while shunning endorsement deals and big budgeted music videos. This idea appears to be credible but it didn’t help their career. As they continued to avoid self promotion each record was less successful than its predecessor. Unfortunately, this strategy no longer works in a “Get Rich or Die Trying” society. It appears Pearl Jam is back in action and hired a press person to work the new record. The tag line is “the most immediate” and “relevant” since the 1994’s “Vitalogy”; hence, get ready to see those words over and over again. Regardless of their new record, Pearl Jam is an important band that the teen generation needs to hear.

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According the Financial Times, shares in EMI Group jumped 8.3%. You can thank Coldplay for the much needed boost. Coldplay’s X&Y was the biggest selling album online last year.

Wind-Up Records, 20TH Century Fox and Myspace Announce Undiscovered Band Contest for upcoming feature film John Tucker Must Die.

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