Dick Clark, the music industry maverick, longtime TV host and powerhouse producer who changed the way we listened to pop music with “American Bandstand,” and whose trademark “Rockin’ Eve” became a fixture of New Year’s celebrations, died today at the age of 82.


The X Factor is turning into a flop and when it returns for its second season expect major changes.

“When “The X Factor” returns for its second season in the fall, the show will have undergone some major changes, including the possible addition of Britney Spears to the judges panel. But Wednesday on “Good Day LA” (weekdays, 7 a.m. PT on Fox) L.A. Reid revealed that the new personnel won’t be the only difference between Season 1.

“One way of raising the bar of the talent we’re looking for, is that we allow contestants to come in who already have managers and agents. Last year they wouldn’t have qualified. This year they do qualify. The whole idea here is to raise the bar for the talent we’re going to find,” he explained.” (Huffington Post)

According to sources, Simon also wants to add a Disney star to the mix like Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez to reach a younger demographic.


“Madonna’s “MDNA” album is dead. It’s really quite amazing. has dropped the price of downloading “MDNA” to five dollars. On iTunes, the only version of the album on the chart is the explicit one, selling for $14.99. It’s at number 46 on their chart. On, “MDNA” dropped to number 8 from number 1, with an 87% fall off from the previous week.

The situation is much worse. As a physical CD, “MDNA” is just gone. (Updated) The actual deluxe CD, has fallen to number 16. It’s the only one of the many versions of “MDNA” that’s selling at all. This is the second week of release. The clean version download — for $5 — is at #733. The dirty one, so to speak, is around 500. “MDNA” is just…gone. It’s a total sales collapse. It makes you wonder, what happened? Of course, Madonna has done very little publicity. And the inflated first week sales–reported here exclusively–are over now as the “bundling” with concert tickets is finished.

But wow. The deluxe version with a special booklet, for sale at $12.99, is showing up on amazon at number 5,706. Five thousand seven hundred and six.

So what did go wrong? The audience wasn’t interested in vituperative songs with the “f” word scattered through them liberally. Instead of dancing, Madonna was cursing. And what does she have to curse about? She’s a gazillionaire. She does whatever she wants, to whomever she wants, whenever she wants. No one stops her. Her charity in Africa was a bust, and the documentary she made about it was ridiculous. She continues to espouse the “philosophy” of the Kabbalah Center. She flaunts lovers half her age. She talks with a haughty accent. Last year, one of her brothers turned up homeless in Michigan. Madonna seemed not to care.” (Forbes)


Madonna‘s “MDNA” album had the biggest second week drop in chart history last week according to Forbes.

“Wow. The first week’s sales, as I revealed exclusively (and then the New York Post lifted it from us), most of Madonna’s first week sales were CDs that were included in the sale of concert tickets. That promotion artificially inflated Madonna’s numbers, putting her first before Lionel Richie and his “Tuskegee” album. In the second week, Richie fell only 47% and sold about 110,000 albums–which is normal. “Tuskegee” will now finish much higher than “MDNA.” I do think that all the people involved in the Madonna ticket-CD deal should apologize to Richie for denying him his rightful place at number 1, starting with Billboard and SoundScan. But Richie’s consolation is that he has a major hit, while “MDNA” is a total dud. So far, “MDNA” has not produced anything like a hit single either, no radio play or anything to provide organic promotion. But Madonna’s concert tour with Live Nation will be a big hit, so it’s not like we have to worry about her financial situation.”


Adele is set to sell another 155k CD’s this week and has no signs of slowing down. Adele recently told a magazine that she never thought her latest CD would have such an impact.

“I was saying, “I don’t think this record is going to do anything. I can’t feel the buzz in America,”‘ she said.

Rob Stringer, CEO of Columbia Records was quite surprised as well.

‘When everybody heard the record, they knew it was special,’ he told the magazine. ‘But not one person could honestly tell you they thought it would sell this many.’

It’s hard to predict the sales of artists today with the changing variables and moving parts.

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