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Buzz Track: Tonight

News Update: Tiffany Kuenzi, a Kings favorite just finished up a Northwest Tour promoting her latest EP. She has been the featured on the “Locals Only” on both KWJJ & KUPL and was just featured on Moby In The Morning Syndicated show. Check back for upcoming tour dates.


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Buzz Track: Until I’m Dead

Who was that guy with pink mohawk on The X Factor?  That was the lead singer Chris Pounders from the Pounders,  a punk rock trio from San Jose CA. They are currently being played on alternative radio stations LIVE 105-SF, and 107.7 The Bone-SF. They have opened for Alkaline Trio, Filter, and Mike Herrera of MXPX. They’re last album “Chasing The Sun” was played and sold in Hot Topic stores across the nation.


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Buzz Track: Knives, Knives, Knives

I received a new song from the Orlando act Makari who was featured several months ago. The new track doesn’t deviate from their indie pop rock sound. This act has a lot of potential considering the unique vocals. The band released an EP titled “The Escape” which was recorded with Jason Andrews  in Atlanta, GA. The single  “Doses” was released earlier in the year and was recorded with Brooks Paschal (Paramore, Panic At The Disco, Versa Emerge, There For Tomorrow).


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Buzz Track: Oxygen

Check out the track Oxygen by Tommy Collier. This Nashville singer songwriter who just released his first solo record has produced several other artists including Katy Perry’s first solo record. His new record which can be streamed on Bandcamp falls in the same lane as Tom Petty as well as The Wall Flowers that consist of big hooks, gritty vocals along with memorable melodies. Upcoming tour dates will be posted on Kings.


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We’ve been posting Kingsfoil for the last 2 years because I’ve enjoyed your music, it’s different yet melodic and catchy. Your new
record is finally breaking through, it debuted #42 on the iTunes Rock Charts.

How long have you been a band for?
(Jordan) Tristan and I grew up together playing in different bands and writing music together. We played acoustic for awhile and put a lot of time into getting better at writing songs, around 5 years ago we added Tim and went full band. Since then we have worked hard and put in the time to really build out band from the ground up.

You’ve had some line-up changes, correct?
(Jordan) yes, Tim is the second bass player and frankie is the second drummer. otherwise.. that’s the only lineup changes we’ve had.

Who generally writes the songs? Is it a collective effort?
(Jordan) Most of the time I will write a song on guitar or piano, or Tristan and I will write something and bring it to the band, at that point, everybody adds their two cents. Sometimes ideas happen as we are all jamming or working together.

Tells us about the record making process.
(Jordan) after we get a song down and everybody has their parts written we will demo the song and send it to our producer Dustin Burnett, he will give us feedback on it… we often will re-demo the tune a couple times. We like to get the song feeling good well before the studio. Then when we go in to make a record we have a strong base of a song, we can then spend some time and try and couple more things in the studio… recording is a blast for me.

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