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A propulsive blend of hook-heavy alternative rock combined with solid lyrics and a killer live show have Seattle-based rock band Glimpse catching the attention of many in the industry with their self-released album ‘Sessions From The Garage’, produced by Rick Parashar (Pearl Jam, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down). Songs from the release have been making their way into television and film, being featured on the WB’s “One Tree Hill” and “Cruel Intentions 3.” The first single, ‘Nothin’ spent 3 months in regular rotation on KISW, and has made appearances on stations across the country, facilitating their upcoming US tour this summer. No management attached. For more information, contact legal Kent Marcus of Zumwalt Alman and Hayes at 615.256.7200

Check out the tracks Nothin and Before You

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We all know the Myspace can be manipulated, the government calls this “fuzzy math”. MTV’s TRL can be manipulated as well….

Taken from FOX News:

“Nevertheless, the record company persisted. A series of e-mails in June 2005 shows what was happening — a manipulation of MTV’s “Total Request Liveâ€? show that airs every afternoon and can seriously affect a new record’s fortunes.”

UMG, according to Spitzer’s reports, was spending money at radio stations and for “TRL� to “stuff the ballot box� (my words) and turn losers into winners.

The memo series is all about one subject: “We are hiring a request company starting Monday to jack TRL for Lindsay…Guys this is a no win situation how should I respond…there is no airplay we have been pursuing…â€?

Even more troubling, but not surprising, is a group called Dream originally found by Sean “Diddy” Combs. A July 2003 e-mail tells the story:

“Okay, this is not fun for me. I’ve been consumed all day with calls with etc bitching about our radio picture on Dream. Confidentially pop has spent $196,000 and r/c has spent $72,000 … This is embarrassing a total lack of accountability. We have gotten ripped off beyond belief, we better turn this thing around or it’s our a**. That’s almost $300,000 and they are looking for some heads…bad bad bad…If I find out that deals were cut with lack of airplay and overnight spins starting with the nationals, as they say heads are gonna roll, including mine.â€?

“Of course, the record companies are not alone in creating this atmosphere of payola. The radio stations have encouraged and accepted it.”

Seriously, if your going to put that type of money into a song, please..make sure its a “hit”, or somewhat of a “hit”. No excuse for that!


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Tool – 563,532
Pearl Jam – 279,137
God Smack – 83,-645
Jewel – 81,656
James Blunt – 58,153
Taking Back Sunday – 51,377
Thursday – 45,595
Nickelback – 34,374
Panic! At The Disco – 27,668
Jack Johnson – 15,123
Flyleaf – 12,545
Hinder – 10,352
Arctic Monkeys – 8,234


Not Surprisingly, Tool went gold within the first week. Interesting to see where the album lands up being the fact is completely inaccessible for passive music buyers; could alienate some long time fans. Flyleaf (pictured) who has strong video rotation on MTV2 and Fuse has built momentum as it appeals to the christian market and mainstream kids. Hit makers Nickelback continues to take down everything in its path. Over-hyped Arctic Monkeys have proved to be dud thus so far; records sales dropped -19% with total sales of 186,173..we warned you on this!

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 “Universal Music Group Recordings Inc., the world’s largest record company, has agreed to pay $12 million to settle a payola case that claimed the company provided vacations, electronics and other bribes to increase radio play for their artists, New York Attorney General Eliot Spitzer said Thursday

This is the largest fine so far in the war between Eliot Spitzer and the music industry, surpassing the $10 million that Sony had to pay and the $5 million for Warner Music Group.”

UMG has illegally provided radio stations with financial benefits to obtain airplay and boost the chart position of its songs,” Spitzer said in papers filed in state Supreme Court along with the settlement. “UMG has obtained airplay for its songs through such deceptive and illegal practices as bribing radio station employees, on occasion, to play UMG songs, providing a stream of financial benefits to radio stations, to assist with stations’ overhead costs or to provide promotional support, on condition that UMG records receive airplay,” Spitzer stated. UMG was also accused of “engaging in fraudulent call- in campaigns to increase airplay.”

“Consumers have a right not to be misled about the way in which the music they hear on the radio is selected,” Spitzer said. “Pay-for-play makes a mockery of claims that only the ‘best’ or ‘most popular’ music is broadcast.” 


 Read the full article here.


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American Idol is such a bona fide Hit that it has changed the business landscape. Simon Cowell who reportedly earns more than 30 million a year is literally crushing every show in the path as it eats up millions of dollars in advertising money.

American Idol has even created a “cottage industry”. According to, TV shows, newspapers and record labels that touch the show have enjoyed a lucrative ride on the “Idol” express. And the show’s shadow economy isn’t limited to media — it’s also lifted the fortunes of a wide array of “Idol” carpetbaggers, from Cingular to Coca-Cola to a host of licensees.” Read the full article here.


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