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  • Blink 182 will reunite. They are in the studio writing a new album and will embark on a world tour.
  • Pearl Jam is currently in the studio with Brendan O’Brien which is due out next year. The band will release their 9th studio album next year.
  • If anyone is interested, here is a list of the Grammy Winners..
  • Snoop Dogg has parted ways Interscope/Geffen Records where he has released three albums. It is expected that Snoop will take the independent route.
      MORE Indie Invaders


Questions are surrounding Rick Rubin’s future with Columbia Records.

In recent weeks, as several executives at Columbia who were closely aligned with Mr. Rubin have left the label, questions have surfaced about Mr. Rubin’s continued executive role there, and about how much influence he has in the company’s business operations. (New York Times)

Rick Rubin is not your typical corporate music executive. Russel Simmons, a record executive, says Rubin likes to work at his own pace.

“Associates of Mr. Rubin, some of whom spoke anonymously because they did not want to anger him, described the situation as one in which Mr. Rubin has steadily lost influence over the organization because his style is so different from that of the usual executive and because he is often absent from the corporate offices. The impression from these interviews is of a power game within Columbia in which Mr. Rubin refuses to participate.”

The most notable recent success at Columbia Records was last year’s AC/DC album, “Black Ice,” which sold 1.9 million units.

In my opinion, Rick Rubin is a fantastic producer and has earned the respect from some of the greatest artists, thus, his future is just fine.

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Manchester Orchestra who hails from Atlanta Georgia has a new album coming out in stores 4.21.09 via Favorite Gentlemen/Canvasback Records. Their second LP titled “Mean Everything to Nothing” was produced by Joe Chicarrelli (The Shins, My Morning Jacket).

You may want to take a listen to the recent posted single “I’ve Got Friends” which will be on the record. We’re big fans!

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Axl Rose finally speaks and has plenty to say about his new album ‘Chinese Democracy’.

On the delay the album (14 years)

There aren’t too many issues of the hundreds [we ran into] that happened as quickly as anyone would have preferred, from building my studio; finding the right players; never did find a producer; still don’t have real record company involvement or support; to getting it out and mixed and mastered.

All that aside, it’s the right record and I couldn’t ask for more in that regard. Could have been a more enjoyable journey, but it’s there now. The art comes first. It dictates if not the course [then] the destination artistically.

On how Universal handled the album..

Unfortunately I have no information for me to believe [that] there was any real involvement or effort from Interscope. I’m not saying there wasn’t. But in my opinion, without [Interscope Geffen A&M chairman] Jimmy Iovine’s involvement, it doesn’t matter who anyone talks to or what they say — virtually nothing will happen from their end.

I do know [that] I’ve been asking for a marketing plan for over five years and still haven’t got anything. We’ve asked for a complete breakdown of promotion expenses and efforts from all parties but unfortunately I’ve received very little information, if anything, so far. On another note, the draft booklet leaking and, I believe, the early shipping of preorders and the inclusion of the early draft booklet for the release was through involvement with Interscope, which was a mess. That’s not to say they don’t work for other artists and make things happen. I feel they work very hard for whatever it is they truly want to sell, whether it’s good or …

On Jimmy Iovine…

Jimmy [Iovine] and whoever would come down to the studio. Things would be good for a month. Then, according to whoever was involved at the time from their side, someone above Jimmy would start putting pressure regarding us on him, Jimmy would start pressuring others at his label [and they] would begin doing the same with us. We get that it’s just how business — and perhaps especially this business — tends to work, but after a month of this the whole thing would get ugly and extensively interfere with getting anything productive done, and near the middle of the third month we’d arrange for Jimmy to come down again. They’d go away happy and the entire process would repeat itself over and over and over. CONTINUE READING

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Major labels and indies alike are swarming around Fairfax, Virginia pop act
The Downtown Fiction. Touring in February through March. Today, the band will be playing acoustic sets for Republic, Columbia, Sony ATV and Atlantic. Expect them to close on a deal soon.

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